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This entry is liable for much editing. Nothing here is yet official.

White Fir Stables [WFS] WFS_Crest_Land_Small_zpse9ce870c

Allo, and welcome to White Fir Stables.  [WFS]
WFS is located in the soutwestern region of Canada, near Washington, and despite this location is mostly isolated from the surrounding areas.

The terrain around the stables can be found built around a small, seasonal brook that winds throughout the property. There is overall about 450 acres to the place, divided into large cuts of evergreen-forested and dew-covered fields.

WFS grounds are always covered in dew, year round, without fail. During the winter the dew freezes; while beautiful it also makes getting around a hassle and the pastures have to be 'loosened' frequently in order to avoid injury to horses and riders.

Horses in WFS are branded by the rearing lion seen on the right of the stable's insignia. They also, however, are usually fitted with a special coat to go over their hooves to ward off any rot or disease that might be picked up from the constant dampness in the fields. It is usually indicated by a glossy shimmer extending between the skin and hooves. This coat does not harm the horse, and will eventually fade from any horses removed from WFS.
White Fir Stables also specializes in teaching the horses to keep a steady head. Nearly every White Fir horse is trained never to throw it's rider, and to keep a steady head during stressful circumstances.  

Alison Hunt - 32 -Owner
Stella Ayres - 23- Manager
Rebecca Doten - 21 - Stable Hand
Ben Rybicki - 24 -Specialized Stable Hand
Hana Rybicki
Mabel Aberdeen - 17 - Student/Manual Labor Victim
Keith Ingham - 16 - Student/Manual Labor Victim
Kifer - 46 - Falcon Caretaker


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